4-Letter Friday: FREE Fun in Las Vegas

I love looking up at the blazing stars in our Las Vegas sky. On most nights the darkness is crystal clear and the stars …  just glitter.

But I am no astronomer and have no idea what I am looking at. Tomorrow night, however, I can join people who really know because they are members of the Las Vegas Astronomical Society and the College of Southern Nevada Planetarium. Where? At the FREE Stars & Stardust: Sidewalk Astronomy in the Neon Boneyard event at the Neon Museum.

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Everyone will gather at 7 at the Neon Boneyard where all the vintage Vegas neon signs will be ablaze before everything goes dark to provide a black backdrop for the stars. The professionals always bring their own telescopes (it’s a show off your toys kind of thing) and love teaching you what you are lookin’ at.

Kid with parent looking thru scope

The Stars and Stardust event

I did tell you the event was FREE right?

See ya there.

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