4-Letter Friday: FREE Fun in Las Vegas

Getting free liquor in Las Vegas is as easy as, well, breathing. Just sit down at a poker table or slot machine, play a few hands and the cocktail waitress will be by with any  refreshment care of the casino who will be taking most of your money.

But today’s suggestion ups the ante. How would you like to learn more about whiskey? Want to know how whiskeys originated in America, Ireland and Scotland and how bourbon, Irish whiskey and Scotch differ from each other? And then taste some of the finest examples from each of these categories as the lecture progresses?

Then show up tonight –or any evening–at 7 pm at VomFASS’s Whiskey Experience Class. No need to sign up; just show up. I did say FREE right?

Two rules:

  1. You can’t already be intoxicated when you appear
  2. You can’t interrupt the host while s/he is talking “to respect the other attendees’ desire to learn.”

You can get free samples from the kegs at any time, but the education only happens at 7 pm.

Of course, if you decide to take any of these bottles home, you know that’s not free. The store also sells exotic vinegars and oils as well as wine.

VomFASS is at the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian.

Have a GREAT week-end, Las Vegas.

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