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4-Letter Friday: FREE Fun in Las Vegas

Non-locals, you know those millions of wonderful people who actually pay our Clark County school taxes, think the No. 1 reason people come to  Las Vegas is for gaming, the 2017 politically correct term for gambling. Yes, Virginia, that was true when Francis Albert and Sammie and Dino were crooning at the Golden Nugget.

Today, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the NO. 1 reason is… shopping, because there are no stores anywhere else in America. The No. 2 reason is food and entertainment. Yes, it’s darn near impossible to match Vegas’s food or entertainment anywhere, even in LA or NYC.

No. 3, my avid readers, is the swimming pool culture. If you have been to ReHab at the Hard Rock, well, you know why.

This year we have a new entrant into the pool scene. It’s Citrus at the Grand Pool Deck at the Downtown Grand Las Vegas.  Most casinos charge darn near their room rates to get into their pool scene. But here it’s FREE.

Not only do you get a jaw-dropping view of downtown Las Vegas and the Vegas Strip FREE. The ah-maz-ing people watching is pretty ah-maz-ing too.  Hey, it’s Vegas!

And there is FREE music all weekend, too.

  • Thursdays: Old School by the pool
  • Fridays: Dance Party
  • Saturdays: Rock Nation
  • Sundays: Noche de Ritmo (The press release says the music is “tequila-friendly.” So now you know.)

Chef Scott Cummings, winner of the 12th season of Hell’s Kitchen, provides the munchies, which, alas, are not free. Chef Scott is one of the most accomplished new chefs in Vegas IMHO. It’s worth the trip just to chow down on his chow.

Image result for scott cummings chef

And another great FREE thing: Parking. Park in the Downtown Grand garage and the lovely Citrus staff will validate your parking sticker. Who says  FREE parking is an oxymoron in the new Vegas?

I won’t be there this week-end because I have to lose the nine pounds I gained when I was in Rome last month before I dare to get into my senior bathing suit. But all y’all enjoy!

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