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Culture and Controversy in Las Vegas

For a city known for its casinos, there is actually a lot of culture here in Las Vegas. I am enjoying the delicious controversy concerning religion in two musical theater productions in town this weekend.

The big blockbuster, The Book of Mormon, is playing to packed houses at the Smith Center. The play makes delightful fun of the religious views of LDS followers. I laughed so hard I literally gasped for breath (paroxysms of laughter?) during the performance. But some people huffed out at intermission. I can see how a Mormon would want to throw the book at The Book of Mormon (having nothing to do with the potty-mouthed script from the South Park boys).

Monty Python’s Spamalot is playing this week-end as part of the Super Summer Theater series at Spring Mountain Ranch. One of the play’s show-stopping numbers is called “You Can’t Be Successful on Broadway If You Don’t Have Jews.” This song makes fun of every aspect of being Jewish, both tribal and religious. Being Jewish, I also laughed ’til I cried at this song because it was so, well, right on. And I felt sorry for all the goyim (Christians) in the audience who didn’t get the clever inside jokes.

So, Mormons, what do you think about the Tony-Award winning play? And what was really funny that us Jews totally missed?

And, for anyone considering moving to Las Vegas, rest assured there is great musical theater here in Clark County. Hasa Diga Eebowai!

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