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Dig this!

Las Vegas is so boring we know you’re looking for something fun to do. So why not play with heavy construction equipment?

That’s right, boys and girls. Head out to the Dig This Heavy Equipment Playground. Don a hard hat and neon yellow vest and become king of the construction site. For $249 you can operate a bulldozer or excavator. For $449, you can do both!!!!!

Bulldozer drivers can push gigantic tires or tetter-totter over huge mounds the last guy built. Excavator drivers can dig trenches and stack 2,000-pound tires. Who knows, it may be so much fun you may consider quitting your day job.

However, before they start the ignition, you have to pass a breathalyzer test. Just FYI.

The instructors at the playground walk you through every lever, button, and thing-a-majig that you’ll need to know so you can maneuver the machines with the grace of a ballerina. They insist after just a short time of in-cab training, you will have the confidence it takes to get to the business of play. You will be digging, trenching, pushing and dragging your haul around the lot in no time.

You are connected via headset to their instructors at all times in case you get confused.

You get a certificate at the end of your session to prove you were a construction worker for a day.

Book by calling 888.344.8447 or online at www.digthisvegas.com. There are three daily sessions.

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