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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday


Did last week make you worry you were Dorothy and about to be blown away to Oz? I appreciated the extra pandemic weight to keep me on the ground, even though I do weight significantly less than the private plane the wind toppled. But I digress.

John Legend starts his residency. The pricey pool parties are in full swing. But if you are like me and just sent your last pennies to the IRS because you suddenly realized you had a really good year, you are looking for FREE things to do this week-end. Plus, you want to look like you’re in the know when your friends show up for next week’s NFL draft.

Loyal readers, you have come to the right place. Buckle up ’cause here we go!

Attend the World’s Largest Student Farmers Market (Southwest)

Students learn to garden at school. Where do I sign up? Photo: Downtown Summerlin

Green Our Planet’s Giant Student Farmers Market returns to Downtown Summerlin today.

It’s the largest student farmers market in America, featuring more than 500 students from over 50 schools in Southern Nevada. The students operate the market themselves, selling school-grown fruits, herbs, vegetables and crafts to the public.

It’s Earth Day, people. If you do decide to buy their home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables, you can feel good about yourself because all the money goes to help fund the school’s gardening programs.

Under the Pavilion until 2.

Take Your Kids to a Festival (East)

Sounds fun! Poster: Clark County Parks & Recreation

Why weren’t there these kewl things to do when my son was little?

Tomorrow Clark County is hosting the 27th annual Children’s Festival. The theme is: Be Your Own Hero. In keeping with the theme, there will be live super hero characters roaming the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center. You don’t have to go to Disney and be part of that brouhaha to get your kid photographed with a character!

There will be live music too. We Las Vegas parents have to teach our children how to attend live concerts because that’s what we do here!

There will be food trucks and crafts vendors, but you don’t have to spend any money if you don’t want to because my property tax dollars are paying for this. You’re welcome!

Downtown Rocks Series Rocks Again (Downtown)

They book
THE best entertainment Image: Fremont Street Experience

Time for some adult entertainment. The Downtown Rocks series begins tomorrow night at 9. The folks at the Fremont Street Experience bring stellar live entertainment to the Third Street Stage every Saturday night until mid-November. FREE!

Parmalee is the inaugural act. All y’all (plural of y’all if you’ve never taken Texan) know I love country music. There’s something about it that makes you happy even when the songs are sad.

Parmalee is one of my favorite bands. Love their song “Carolina.”

The audience just groups around the stage; there are no seats. You get caught up in the moment as well as the music.

Plus you are at the Fremont Street Experience. You can see all those almost naked people without paying big bucks for the Strip’s topless shows! Personally, I find it fun watching the reactions of our tourists watching the almost naked performers. Priceless!

If you need a drink and have money, the Nth Whiskey and Spirits Experience pours out libations at the Wynn. It costs $545 to get in and goes up from there if you want to take classes or go to the fancy dinner. The entry price enables you to have unlimited sips and two super pours, plus you get to keep the fancy crystal glass, probably worth $25. Just throwing it out there.

Have a great week-end, Las Vegas!

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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