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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday


Halloween is here so it’s time for scary shenanigans. And today is Nevada Day (which celebrates when our state joined the Union in 1864). That means the partying started last night since many locals have the day off.

John Legend. Usher. Adam Lambert. Duran Duran. Earth Wind & Fire. All are performing in Las Vegas this weekend. But entertainment in Las Vegas, one of the premier entertainment capitals on the planet, is far from FREE.

That’s why it’s my job to suss out kewl FREE things for you, my dear readers, to do this week-end.

Buckle up ’cause here we go!

Go to a Halloween Party at a Speakeasy (Downtown)

You can get in FREE if you know the password. Photo: The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum itself closes at 6:30. But the to-die-for party starts at 8 pm in The Underground, the museum’s distillery and speakeasy.

The party is called “Return to the Mad Decade.” The flavor of the evening comes from the horror films of the 1920s. (We are having a horror-filled Mad 20s decade too. But I digress.)

The Dixie Flats perform at 8. You can bet folks will be doing the Charleston, since The Underground offered FREE dance lessons earlier this year.

Like the real thing, you can’t get into this speakeasy if you don’t know the password. I’ll tell it to you: Jeepers Creepers. The you are in: FREE!

There will be alcohol so you must be 21.

The Underground is serving up Halloween cocktail specials for $12. (Inflation at work if a special is $12. Just saying.) My fav is the “Ghost of Bloody Mary,” which uses clarified tomato juice, horseradish and beets.

Tomorrow Saturday night.

If you are available today, you can head to the museum’s new outdoor Event Plaza for a FREE community event. There will be live music, games, give-aways and trick-or-treating at vendor booths. Food for purchase too.

But I’m going to hop into the front seat of a Las Vegas Fire & Rescue truck and explore a community ambulance. And if you love CSI: Las Vegas, the old version and the new reincarnation, you can learn some forensic investigation skills with the LVMPD CSI Explorers, the real deal. The US Marshals will be there, too.

Adults can donate blood (hey, it IS Halloween) and kids can paint pumpkins.

If you have a Nevada ID, you’ll get a buy-one, get-one FREE Museum one-day pass.

From 10 am to 2 pm.

Trick or Treat at Area 15 (Southwest)

Probably a lot better trick-or-treating than my neighborhood Illustration: illuminarium

Area 15, one of the kewlest new entertainment complexes in Las Vegas, is inviting all y’all (plural of y’all if you don’t speak Texan) to trick-or-treat on its campus. The illuminarium is also open for the candy give out.

Knowing how this place works, there will be a lot more happenin’ than candy ’cause they have christened the campus “Scarea15“. You gotta love clever.

From noon to 5 today.

Win Some Money at a Halloween Costume Party (Las Vegas Strip)

Ellis Island is having 2 nights of costume contests Illustration: Ellis Island Casino

There are costume contests all over Las Vegas in case you need some extra money for groceries. Ellis Island Casino is hosting three contests from tonight through Halloween in its Karaoke Lounge.

You can win $100 cash (so the IRS will never know if you keep it off social media) in one of three categories:

  • Scariest
  • Funniest
  • Most original

Masks and full face paint will disqualify you.

The contests are always at 11 pm.

Tonight is Bacardi-oke night, featuring, you guessed it, Bacardi cocktails (not free). Ellis Island has karaoke every Friday night. This town is loaded with wickedly talented singers, so you get Broadway-quality voices mixed in with tone-deaf tourists. It’s ah-mazing-ly entertaining.

Oh, and it is FREE.

P.S. The Sexiest Costume wins the grand prize of $3,0000 at Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails in case you need to make both your mortgage and car payments.

The contest is Sunday at midnight.

Listen to FREE Music (East)

From Sinatra to the Stones Photo: Vegas Good Fellas

If Halloween isn’t your thing, then head over to the Italian American Club tomorrow Saturday to hear the Vegas Good Fellas.

These six gentlemen are primo musicians who have been together 16 years. They got their name from comedian David Brenner. He came to our of their earliest shows and said, “You seem like a bunch of Vegas good fellas.” Voila! A name was born.

You’ll hear Sinatra. You’ll hear the Stones. Probably not much Usher.

If you’ve never been to the Italian American Club, you are in for a treat. It’s really been there since the Rat Pack. It’s a Vegas institution.

Check out the Michaelangelo-esque sculptures at the front door.

The food is classic Italian. Wonderful but kinda pricey.

The Vegas Good Fellas are in the Ballroom from 5 to 9. FREE.

P.S. If you are old enough to collect Social Security, the bar here is a vaunted pick up place. You know like before there were dating apps.

Have a great Halloween Las Vegas.

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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