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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday.


Happy New Year! Did you know New Year’s Eve is the second biggest event in Las Vegas all year? (Super Bowl is the biggest…and it will be even bigger in 2024 when it’s here!!!!!)

New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is an expensive proposition. It’s my job to help you ring in the new year at no charge. You’re welcome.

Buckle up ’cause here we go!

What It’s Like on the Las Vegas Strip at Midnight

Grucci fireworks light up the sky over the Las Vegas Strip Photo: Pixaby

Clark County closes Las Vegas Boulevard for four miles from Russell Road to Sahara Avenue at 5 pm. Unless you are staying at a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip so your car is already in the lot, you have to deposit your vehicle in a casino parking garage before then.

You find a place to eat even though the prices are double what they are next Tuesday.

Then you see a show. This year Bruno Mars, Tenacious D, the Killers, Gwen Stefani, Chris Brown, Pitbull and Kevin Hart are here. Their shows start between 10 and 10:30.

Or, you spend hundreds of dollars to attend a party in one of the casino ballrooms (it’s kind of like an expensive wedding but everyone wears pointy hats) or thousands of dollars to par-tee at one of this town’s high-end nightclubs.

At 11:50 you and 399,999 other people pour onto Las Vegas Boulevard, which is now a pedestrian zone. All the casino marquees count down from 10. Everyone screams at the stroke of midnight. I’m sure you can hear the roar in outer space. You hug and kiss everyone near you even though you don’t know them. (Maybe not post-Covid.)

And then the Grucci fireworks show begins.

At least the fireworks are FREE.

The city opens the street to traffic about 1:30 am. But you might as well wait until 3 because there is one *&$()# traffic jam getting outta Dodge. Time to have a leisurely and overpriced breakfast.

All the casinos NOT on the Las Vegas Strip have their own parties in their “Skip the Strip” campaign. For one, parking is easier and often FREE. You get home earlier too.

Many of the casinos have employees stationed at the parking garage elevators handing out FREE black coffee. Hot. Steaming. Bracing. I assume they want to be nice but also their lawyers made them do it so they don’t get sued if you’ve had too much to drink.

If you have had too much to drink and the coffee won’t help, the RTC buses are FREE on New Year’s Eve.

Do know that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has sharp shooters on most hotel roofs to be ready in case a live shooter appears.

But nothing beats the frenetic energy of the Las Vegas Strip on New Year’s Eve. If you have never done this once in your lifetime, it’s a must.You gotta!

Watch the Fireworks FREE

Grucci fireworks light up the sky over the Las Vegas Strip

This year’s theme is “Let’s Go Big.”

Fireworks by Grucci, accompanied by Las Vegas Fire Department fire fighters, will set off over 80,000 fireworks (if it doesn’t rain) from eight casino rooftops for eight minutes. Of course Sam Hunt’s 23 is on the play list. You can listen to the musical score on KOMP 92.3 or 97.The Point.

If you already on the Las Vegas Strip, just look up. If you don’t like crowds, go to the top level of any casino parking garage for a more private viewing.

If you’re not on the Strip, come to my house. I just walk a block and can see everything since I have an unobstructed view from the sidewalk.

If you are on the west side, anywhere along Decatur has great views. If you are in Henderson, the post office parking lot on Horizon Ridge and Amador is a great spot.

If you live in Lake Las Vegas, the development is having its own fireworks show at 9 pm.

Sample FREE Food at The Pass Casino (Henderson)

The Pass Casino is serving FREE food Photo: Pixaby

The Pass is an old-style casino in downtown Henderson. It’s on Water Street, which is in the midst of a renaissance. But I digress.

The casino is serving FREE food from 2-4 pm. There’s also a FREE champagne toast at midnight.

I love this place because it welcomes all pets 50 pounds and under. It only charges $25 per pet and you can have two per room. As the dog Realtor of Las Vegas, this is really good to know.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Munich at the Hofbrauhaus (Off Strip)

If you really want to be in bed by 10 and still celebrate New Year’s Eve, head to Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas. They are celebrating New Year’s in Munich, which is 3 pm our time. A balloon drop marks the moment.

The Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas has a traditional of inviting local celebrities to appear at its events. For this one BMX star Ricardo Laguna and magician Murry Sawchuck will make appearances.

There will be a live DJ. Prizes! And you can bring your kids.

The party starts at 1 pm. It’s FREE. But you do have to make reservations.https://www.sevenrooms.com/reservations/hofbrauhauslv?_ga=2.268740721.160429198.1652209029-1188968425.1651598109

Happy New Year, Las Vegas.

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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