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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday

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In the good old days, Las Vegas was one of the funnest towns in America. Now, having received a rebuke from the White House about our rising covid-19 case numbers this week, fun is not on the city’s radar.

While I long for those good old days, I believe we won’t get there unless we start behaving differently. So alas, my suggestions this week require you to spend time in front of your computer instead of out on the town. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

This pandemic will be over, eventually. Can’t wait!

Alvin Ailey at the Smith Center

You can watch the professionals and even take a dance class!

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater had to cancel its live performances here in Las Vegas.

Instead, the Smith Center is participating in “#theShowMustGoOn” series. The program features videos of live performances of this celebrated dance company.

Each week features a different performance. This week the special is Blues Suite, a 1985 PBS Great Performances television special. (I record these currently.) What’s important about this dance is its the performance that launched the company in 1958. The choreography describes the memories of rural, Depression-era life in south Texas.

View the FREE performance from the Ailvin Ailey web site, alvinailey.org.

The company wants everyone to “keep dancing.” Ailey Extension instructors are offering online classes while you’re locked up at home. These are Zoom classes and they do have a cost: $12 a class.

Classes range from modern dance to hip-hop and street styles. There’s even a dance fitness class. I guess I should take the “absolute beginner heels with pretty big movement” class. (Yep, that is the real title.) The class will teach me how “to strut in heels with confidence.” Hair whips are included. Think I should sign up?

Chicken Dance, Anyone?

Will trade FREE chicken wings for a chicken dance video

Speaking of dancing, I might ask the Ailey dancers to spice up my chicken dance moves. This is necessary because next Wednesday, July 29, is National Chicken Wing Day.

PT’s Tavern has an annual chicken wing eating contest in honor of this august holiday, canceled this year. (But may be postponed later depending on the virus.)

Instead, you can win a FREE order of its chicken wings every day for a month by posting an Instagram story on its Instagram channel (@PTsTaverns) of you doing the chicken dance. You have to use the hash tag #PTsChickenWingDay.

You only get one story to compete. The contest goes through 5 pm July 29.

Good luck, chicken dancers.

2020 Typographics Festival

Tomorrow’s schedule

The only thing I know about typographics is that I am good at typos.

However, at 10 am tomorrow morning our time Alicia Chang has prepared a kewl talk, given an election is less than four months away. Her talk discusses the visual history of the printed ballot.

Ballots started as handwritten tickets. I’m sure she have a hanging chad or two. (Remember those you Floridians?)

She says the visual history of our ballots reflect “a legacy of fraud and the struggle for suffrage, revealing insights into our electoral process past and present.” I wonder what she will add to the talk after November 3….

Watch FREE at 2020.typographics.com/livestream.

Corona drama, the theatrical kind

Warning: painful to watch!

Both sides have politicized the corona crisis. Want to see what’s really happening, stripped of the politics?

Then watch The Line, a docu-drama about the lived experiences of frontline medical workers in New York City during the height of its covid-19 crisis.

The play’s authors, Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen, interviewed first responders. They said the interviews showed how the responders battled to save lives in a system built to save the bottom line. The play, according to the authors, uses the words “of the brave people who show up every day to care for us all.”

I know I will be in tears.

Watch on The Public Theater’s YouTube Channel.

Have a healthy week-end, Las Vegas.

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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