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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, eXp Realty

Mardi Gras was a few weeks ago. But you didn’t miss out on all the masked balls in Las Vegas.

Put on that mask for tonight’s Behind The Mask Masquerade Ball. The fete is FREE but the organizers won’t let you in unless you have a mask covering your countenance and you are in costume. This is also an over-21 crowd.

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, eXp Realty

Too much fun happenin’ at the Vegas Women’s Fest

The Masquerade Ball kicks off Vegas Women’s Fest, which celebrates ALL women even though it’s sponsored by the LGBTQ community.

The party starts at 7 at The Center. Can’t wait to see all the clever costumes.

BEth Ellyn Rosenthal, eXp Realty

Guess who this is?

Tomorrow’s event to round out the week-end is the Drag Kings Show. This is the gay version of the Chippendales or Thunder From Down Under. But the routines are even more fun because these guys don’t take themselves as seriously as their hetero counterparts. There’s just as much humor as six packs. Fun. Fun. Fun!

This show is also FREE. The curtain’s up at 6.

If this sounds too like a circus to you, then go see a real one. Circus Circus Las Vegas still offers a FREE circus show every day. Acrobats! Jugglers! Clowns! Trapeze artists! Oh my. Just no animals.

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal eXp Realty

Don’t look if you are afraid of clowns

Currently the roster includes nine different acts. The jugglers are from Argentina. The acrobats from Morocco. And the unicycle duo hail from China. There’s one act per hour.

The show is upstairs in the midway. The performances starts at 11:30 am with the last performance starting at 10:30 pm. Friday night the last performance is 11:30 pm. Saturday the last show starts at 12:30 am., because, hey, this is Las Vegas and people are out all night on the Las Vegas Strip. Why not end the evening at the circus????

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Have a great week-end, Las Vegas.

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal herself, eXp Realty

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal herself, eXp Realty

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