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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, eXp Realty

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, Las Vegas was one of the entertainment capitals of the world. The goal of this weekly blog was to share the kewl things to do for FREE, since many of the ah-maz-ing shows can be quite spendy.

But that invisible thingy that can make you really sick has changed everything. Even though the casinos opened June 4, many folks are staying away after we discovered this week that over 500 people who visited the casinos in July had the virus.

So here are my safer suggestions.

Savor a glass of red wine

Las vegas henderson beth ellyn rosenthal eXp reatly
What a beautiful sight! And smells great too!

In case you didn’t know, today is National Red Wine Day. Every day in my house is red wine day, but I digress.

Some facts:

  • Cabernet sauvignon is the most widely planted grape variety on the planet
  • Merlot is next
  • Zinfandel is third

I prefer the red wine blends. The mixture rounds out the edges and highlights the individual varietal’s flavors.

But screw it. Open a bottle of champagne. Because Pinot Noir is one of the prominent grapes in champagne.

Something to do while sipping your vino. I like to read the descriptions of these fine wines by wine aficionados. Then I use the same language for ads on dating sites and see who shows up. Come on. Can you taste those coffee notes in your red wine?????

Watch the Vegas Golden Knights play

Las Vegas loves our Golden Knights
Las Vegas loves our Golden Knights

Tomorrow night NHL action resumes as our beloved hockey team plays game 3 in round 2 of the playoffs. We are tied 1-1 with Vancouver and we need this win! Both teams play Sunday (k)night too.

I am going to stay at home and scream my lungs out. But if you dare to watch the game with other raving fans (which was soooo fun the last two years), I recommend the Front Yard beer garden at Ellis Island Casino and Brewery.

The casino, which sits behind the Las Vegas Strip hotels, opened in 1968. But the Front Yard is new, opening in December 2019. (The brewery opened in 1993.)

The original owners built the Front Yard on the casino’s parking lot. Since the Front Yard is an open-air facility, it meets many of the state’s Covid requirements.

It has become, de facto, the place to watch Golden Knights games. But be warned. The Front Yard has an extensive beer menu, so you probably aren’t going to get outta there without spending something.

Enjoy the music of Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker in 1947

The famous alto sax man would have turned 100 today. Sadly, the jazz great didn’t live to see 35.

The Nevada School of the Arts is having a dinner and concert called Bird With Strings at the Vegas Room today. But that costs $159 a person. Yes, they are socially distancing….

Instead, Saturday night listen to New York radio station WBGO online. It’s hosting a FREE listening party. There will also be performances by current jazz sax masters.

Or tune into “Bird at 100” produced by NJArts.net. Its set list includes:

  • “Easy to Love” (Cole Porter, arr. Jimmy Mundy)
  • “Just Friends” (John Klenner, arr. Jimmy Carroll)
  • “Laura” (David Raksin, arr. Joe Lipman)
  • “Rocker” (Gerry Mulligan)
  • “Repetition” (Neal Hefti)
  • “Ezz-Thetic” (George Russell)
  • “Scootin’ ” (John Lewis)

See who will be our next baseball stars

Dustin Fowler ends up on base

The Las Vegas Ballpark is dark. I love that place!

But the Las Vegas Aviators are planning for the future, because there will be a day when there is no virus.

This week-end it is hosting Nevada Top Prospect. The team’s leadership has invited budding stars from all over Nevada to strut their stuff to see who’s pro material. These are players who will graduate high school in the classes of 2021-2024.

Pitcher evaluations are Sunday. Player programs are tomorrow. They will participate in a pro-style workout.

You can watch the proceedings on Twitter: high-def livestream.

Let me know who you think should join the Aviators (after college).

Have a great week-end Las Vegas!

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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