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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday

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This week the Las Vegas Strip witnessed its first live show: Absinthe at Caesars. This week also saw the state hit 1,000 new corona virus cases twice. To misquote Charles Dickens, it is best of times and the worst of times for Las Vegas and our live entertainment.

Happy Halloween! I have written a special 2020 Halloween happenings blog which includes two FREE events. Here is the link: http://lasvegasneighborhoodexpert.com/how-to-have-a-fun-and-healthy-halloween-during-a-pandemic/

Watch a Halloween play

beth ellyn rosenthal eXp realty las vegas henderson

Night of the Living Dead is one of my favorite scary Halloween movies. Imitating the Dog, a British troupe, is streaming its production called Night of the Living Dead Remix.

It juxtaposes scenes from the original film with live video of members of its company re-enacting each shot. Sounds more campy than scary. But hey, the world is scary enough right now so campy works for me this Halloween.

Watch at imitatingthedog.co.uk.

City of North Las Vegas’s Fall Homegrown Virtual Concert Series

My property tax dollars at work

When I purchased a home in North Las Vegas in 2002, “Northie” was a derogatory term. But in the 18 years I’ve owned my rent house there, the city has become kewler. My house is spittin’ distance from Craig Ranch Regional Park, one of the best municipal spots in the valley IMHO.

Craig Ranch has a state-of-the-art performance venue called The Amp NLV. The Amp, which seats 8,000 is currently holding live concerts, except no one is allowed in the audience even though it’s outside.

So how do you hear these concerts? You go the to city’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cityofnorthlasvegas. The concerts are streamed live every Wednesday at 7 pm. The shows are 90 minutes. Is that a state law or something? But I digress.

But the live performance remains online for a week. Last Wednesday’s performance was the rock band Pleasure Cruise. They specialize in music from the 70s and 80s. Watching the Dancing With the Stars 80s night show reminded me how entertaining and smiley the music is from that era.

North Vista Hospital is sponsoring the series, which extends through mid-December.

P.S. Happy Nevada Day! Love this place!

Visit Circa Resort and Casino!

Vegas Vickie when she kicked up some fun on Fremont Street

The Stevens brothers finally opened their casino, the first casino in Las Vegas built from the group up in what 40 years?

I can’t wait to visit. How can you not love the fact they called the parking garage “Garage Mahal” and installed a gorgeous chandelier to greet you after you get out of your car?

Or the fact they paid to lovingly restore Vegas Vickie, a neon sign installed on a casino in 1980 that later became a strip club.

And they have a Lego store where the owner will make a Lego of your favorite person.

That’s not including the biggest, baddest sports book on the planet and a rooftop with more pools than you can count.

Have a safe, healthy and fun week-end, Las Vegas.

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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