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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday

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Today Las Vegas reported 2,416 new corona virus cases. Looks like there’s not going to much communal fun this Thanksgiving. But here are some safe(r) things to do…’cause we are resilient!

Explore the new Las Vegas Gateway Arches

The new Las Vegas Gateway Arches. Photo courtesy city of Las Vegas

Some colorful new neon switched on in Las Vegas on Wednesday. Welcome our new Las Vegas Gateway Arches!

Here’s some Las Vegas history to explain the origin of this sign. The boundary of the city of Las Vegas starts at Sahara Boulevard. The Las Vegas Strip, directly to the south, is actually not in the city of Las Vegas at all, but in another jurisdiction called unincorporated Clark County.

Until July 2016 there was a huge sign that said “Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas” at the corner of Sahara and South Las Vegas Boulevard. Then a driver decided to plow right through it.

The city wanted something dramatic to replace it. Everyone in St. Louis loves their arch. So the city decided to have two!

Selbert Perkins Design came up with the idea. YESCO, a 100-year-old company that actually made almost all of the iconic, historic Las Vegas neon signs (now lovingly restored and shining at the Neon Museum), installed the 13,016 LED lights.

The lights change color, using 61,000 watts of power. This is possible each light is individually programmable. The arches have 170 IP addresses to make this possible.

There’s a “City of Las Vegas” sign that hangs for the center of the crisscrossing arches. It looks like a necklace.

The 80-foot-tall arches cross over South Las Vegas Boulevard between St. Louis and Bob Stupak Avenues. This is right in front of the STRAT Hotel, Casino & Skypod.

To keep the fun going, the city of Las Vegas also installed a historic Las Vegas neon sign. There are two 26-foot tall showgirls standing on either side of a welcome sign. A pair of dice and roulette chips site in the plaza in front of the sign like sculptures.

The city posits these two will become the selfie spot in the city. So there you have it.

Check it out and send me your photos!

Triple Threat at the Red Palms

Bucky Heard is being heard this week-end

Governor Sisolak has closed the big entertainment venues. But lounge acts are still singing their hearts out. Many Las Vegas singers are recombining with other singers (this is a really small town, believe it or not) while their main gigs are still silent.

So Vinny Adinolfi of the Bronx Wanderers, Bucky Heard of the Righteous Brothers, and Jonny Bird have formed Triple Threat. They are playing Friday night at Red Palms, a Mediterranean restaurant on the Strip that’s all of three minutes from the Monte Carlo.

Heard is the most interesting because Bill Medley invited him to become a Righteous Brother after the death of his long-term collaborator, Bobby Hatfield. Hatfield died in 2003 and Heard joined the duet in 2016.

Righteous Brothers fans had continually asked Medley to continue on with someone new, but there was never the right person. Then he heard Heard at a tribute concert to Journey. Heard couldn’t decide (hey, these are big shoes to fill), so they flipped a coin. Medley won and the new duo was born.

Medley and his daughter McKenna often performed in Las Vegas. Heard is a local. So their paths were bound to cross…

Once upon a time, I saw the current configuration. And it certainly works. Heard doesn’t try to imitate Hatfield. He does his own thing but is certainly respectful of the history. And he does have a great voice.

Have a great week-end and a healthy and safe Thanksgiving.

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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