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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday

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Many of the Las Vegas Strip casinos are opening their entertainment venues while complying with state Covid rules. Most of the FREE stuff is still not happenin’, but some stuff is! Here are some kewl FREE things to do on this glorious spring week end.

Go to the circus at Circus Circus, natch!

Welcome to Circus Circus Las Vegas Photo: Flickr

When I was a kid, my father was the lawyer who negotiated contracts for entertainers coming to Chicago. That’s how I got front row seats to see the Beatles. But I digress. One of my favorite clients of his was the Shriners Circus. We went year after year. I love the circus.

Las Vegas has its own circus acts and they are FREE. Of course they are at Circus Circus Las Vegas. The casino has its Midway Acts which are Covid-compliant.

Twelve acts perform in rotation. These are traditional circus acts that continue to astonish.

They include:

  • Flying Poemas. A trapeze act from Argentina
  • Hossein. Feats of strength and balance from Persia (which is Iran)
  • Naira. Solo trapeze
  • Dave, Tonya, Rocco and Huel: The circus clowns
  • Free Ladderman: Balance acts using a ladder and German wheel from Russia
  • Flying Vargas. Trapeze artists
  • Yongjian & Yong Zhang. Juggling twins
  • Ma Yu: Circus acts with umbrellas
  • Rong Shao: A pagoda contortionist
  • Raul Cubillos: A juggler
  • Shell Stachowicz: An aerial dance with chains

The acts start at 11:30 and go to 7:30 during the week and 10:30 on week-ends.

Rent’s 25th anniversary celebration

Enjoy the music from the original cast. Image: rentontour.net

All y’all know I love musical theater. In 1999 I was fortunate enough to see the play with its original cast on Broadway. Then the theater department at Green Valley High School did a wonderful version–after a group of parents filed suit to stop it because of well, the Angel role. (They obviously lost.) And then the play came to the Smith Center.

Now the New York Theater Workshop is presenting “25 Years of Rent: Measure in Love.” It’s a fund raiser for the arts group. Original cast members, who still talk regularly in a group chat, discuss the show and sing.

Original cast member Idina Menzell performed at the Palms BC (before Covid). She devoted a portion of the performance sharing with us the history of the play, especially after the author, Jonathan Larson, died from an aortic aneurysm hours after the final dress rehearsal. Riveting stuff.

The streaming tickets are $25 each. But you can enjoy the cast recording for FREE.

Only this week-end.

Plant tomatoes

Happy tomato plants. Photo: Giphy

This week-end Star Nursery is giving away a FREE baby tomato plant with a purchase (while supplies last).

The weather has been so beautiful lately, why not spend time in your garden? And home-grown tomatoes taste nothing like store-bought ones.

This is NASCAR week-end. Unless you like professional traffic jams, stay off the 15 until Monday!

Have a great week-end Las Vegas!

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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