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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday

Las Vegas is experiencing over 900 new Covid cases a day. I suggest some music venues with trepidation. Be safe out there. If you go, why not wear an N95 mask just to keep the invisible culprit out?

Las Vegas boosts it is the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” Probably hyperbole, but still close. But most of that entertainment is spendy. My job, dear reader, is to find FREE fun in Las Vegas.

Buckle up ’cause here we go.

The Music Time Machine at the Brooklyn Bowl

The Mixtape Concert Graphic: Brooklyn Bowl

Who remembers the ’90s? Bill Clinton was in the White House. Boy, that seems like a lifetime ago!

The music was rockin’. Soundgarden. Destiny’s Child. Alice in Chains. Shania Twain, Boys II Men and Celine Deion currently have residencies in Las Vegas..today. Britney Spears is still in the headlines. The ’90s still rule.

Empire Records is hosting a FREE concert at Brooklyn Bowl entitled “All 90’s Experience.” Doors open at 8 Saturday night. Expect a riotous mixtape of a time.

If you don’t feel like boogie-ing the night away, you can head over to one of the 32 Brunswick lanes. That’s only if you have spare time!

This is one of the kewlest music venues in Vegas.

Wes Winters at the South Point Casino

Wes Winters hisself Photo: Wes Winters

My mother loved Liberace. Ok, I did too. We loved his piano prowess. But also the entertaining showmanship. This man knew how to captivate a crowd. But he could get away with it because his music was so undeniably awe-some.

Wes Winters actually loved Liberace too. When he was five, he approached a piano and tried to replicate his sounds. Liberace kind of taught the self-taught musician how to play the keys. He won a Liberace play-alike competition in 2005.

His performance is staid compared to his predecessor. But his musicality is a match.

And Winters can sing too!

He plays Rachmaninoff. He plays Barry Manilow. He loves musical theater, with Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber a fav. Ask for the Jerry Lee Lewis.

Winters’s show, “88 Keys,” is FREE every Friday and Saturday night at the Grandview Lounge at the South Point. He opens the show at 6. The show ends at 8 when the next act comes in.

Marvel at Some of the Most Magnificent, Stupid Heists on the Planet

beth ellyn rosenthal Exp realty las vegas henderson RIPPA Method
A captivating six hour documentary on Netflix

Last week http://offthevegasstrip.com/free-fun-in-las-vegas-4-letter-friday-83/ I told you I was going to watch the first two hours of this Netflix series because they are about a famous Las Vegas heist. Anyone who has lived in Las Vegas for a couple of decades knows this story.

Employee Heather Tallchief just drove off with $3.1 million in cash in her Loomis Armored vehicle while her two partners were refilling ATMS with cash at Circus Circus Casino.

I was so fascinated I watched the next four segments.

The second two-hour segment was about a Lufthansa theft in Miami. A family of every day kind of guys stole over $7 in cash from a warehouse at the Miami airport.

The last two hours discussed a high-end bourbon theft in Kentucky.

Stuck in heist mode, I then watched “This Is a Robbery” about the theft of irreplaceable artworks from the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum in Boston.

My redaction: All the thieves ended up with nothing but jail time. And they were sorry about the shame and pain they brought their families. I think I am going to keep my day job selling real estate.

But a word about the victims. All were sooo stupid! The Miami warehouse workers kept the door wide open because it was hot! How was this a good idea with some much cash in there?

The Gardner Museum didn’t insure its painting for theft.?! And it’s night guard was a known drug addict who admitted showing up stoned to work. He let the thieves in. I bet it was to pay off drug dealers. The museum administration didn’t worry about that?

Anything, this is 10 hours of gripping documentary TV. You can stay home, stay safe and be crazily entertained.

Have a great week-end, Las Vegas.

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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