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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: Four-Letter Friday

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, eXp Realty

What do real sharks and country music have in common? Answer: The Golden Nugget!

Tonight listen to the Rhyolite Sound, a top local country band, as they rock out in from of those real sharks. FREE!

BethBeth Ellyn Rosenthal, eXp Realty

Honky Tonk at the Tank at the Golden Nugget

The swimming pool scene is the hottest thing in really hot Las Vegas. (We had our first 100 degree day this week….) In my humble opinion, the best casino pool in Las Vegas is at the Golden Nugget. The pool for humans is part of a 200,000 gallon shark tank aquarium. It’s three stories high! (That’s 30 feet, friends.) There’s a water slide so you can whoosh down three stories in a protected tube with those sharks flashing those gorgeous teeth as you glide by. Vegas!

Since country is now one of the kewlest formats in pop music, the Golden Nugget is launching its Honky Tonky at the Tank party tonight. It’s going to happen the first Friday of every summer month.

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal eXp Realty

The Golden Nugget. Come on in!

The Rhyolite Sound’s first ablum is called “Desert Honky Tonk.” Their melodies, that easily become ear worms, describe what it means to be a country band in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Oh, and they have some drinkin’ songs too. They are the country band people who hate country banks actually like. Well, that’s how I see it.

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal eXp Realty

The band’s albums cover

The music will serenade those sharks at 9 but doors open at 8. Tonight people.

Poeple who don’t live here think Las Vegas is all neon and urban. And that it is. But we locals love to hike. One of the best places to hike locally is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. We like to call it our mini Grand Canyon. But if you hike the Grand Canyon, you can’t see the glorious Las Vegas Strip skyline from the mountaintop…

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal eXp Realty

Red Rock Canyon

Tomorrow is National Get Outdoors Day. So Red Rock is waiving its fees. I just told you about a FREE hike.

Have a great week-end, Las Vegas.

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((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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