FREE Fun in Las Vegas: Four-Letter Friday

Covid cases are spiking all of a sudden. I guess we are all going to have to learn to live with it. Please be careful out there. (Wear a mask?) These suggestions are only if you dare.

Las Vegas claims it is THE entertainment capital of the world. There are an deliciously overwhelming amount of fun things to do here. But most of them are spendy, wait, very spendy. So as a local I will share with you, dear readers, the kewl things to do for FREE.

Enjoy the Music Battle at Brooklyn Bowl

I could use some 90’s Photo: Brooklyn Bowl

Today and tomorrow Brooklyn Bowl is hosting two must-do FREE events, both hosted by Empire Records.

Tonight the party is called “Socal versus Seattle.”

But I can’t wait for Saturday’s “All 90’s Experience.” You remember the 90’s. Bill Clinton was in the White House. Alice in Chains. Soundgarden. Celine Deion, Shania Twain and Boyz II Men, hey they still have residencies on the Las Vegas Strip. (I have seen all three shows and they are worth the big money. But I digress.)

The Empire Records folks promise to mix in some unfamous jams for the decade too.

I love the 90’s. I got my real estate license in Nevada in 1996 and moved to Las Vegas from Dallas. But I digress again.

I’m betting this will be a mixtape you won’t forget!

P.S. If you are old enough to remember the ’90’s, you can get in. But you must prove you are 21.

Piano Fun at the South Point

Wes Winters hisself Photo: Wes Winters

My mother loved Liberace. Well, I did too.

But now we have Wes Winters. His show at the Grandview Lounge at the South Point Casino is called “88 Keys” because he knows how to play all 88 of them.

Winters performs every Friday and Saturday nights from 7-8. The piano playing is FREE.

Winters is a cross between Liberace and Frankie Moreno. He is a piano virtuoso layered on top of a frenetic Las Vegas showman.

His song selection spans the decades so there is something for everyone.

The showroom is big enough to feel important but small enough to feel intimate.


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