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FREE (un)Fun in Las Vegas:4-Letter Friday

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Since 2011, this blog has sussed out FREE FUN things to do in Las Vegas, things only us locals know about.

Today there is nothing to do in Las Vegas. We are being safe behind closed doors in our homes.

I know in this trying time you just can’t survive without this blog. So I have come up with five (un)fun things to do in your house that are FREE.

After you read this, you may think of other four-letter words that better describe these activities.

Hey, we are stuck at home. Now we actually have time to do these (un)fun things.

Deep Cleaning Your Pet’s Habitat

Ms. Pepe’s weekly mess

Meet Ms Pepe, a blue and gold macaw I rescued. I am her fifth owner. Owner No. 3 thought she was a male, so he named her Pepe. Then she laid an egg in my cage, so she became Ms. Pepe. But I digress.

This is the typical weekly mess. Parrots are very intelligent. If they aren’t making a mess, they are unhappy and pluck out all their feathers. As you can tell from the mess and her beautiful coloring, she is truly happy.

I clean the floors every week. I clean out the trays in the cage too. But when did I take the cage apart and clean everything? Well, maybe 2018…. Or was it 2016?

When was the last time you really cleaned the litter box or the dog crate? Just sayin’.

Weed your yards, people!

This is not the ground cover the HOA likes

No, this is NOT my yard.

March is weed season in Las Vegas. Those weeds do not know we have a pandemic.

Spray ’em. Pull ’em up by hand. Swear at ’em. Just get rid of ’em. (Note: My favorite method is swearing AND pulling.)

I cringe every time I walk by this yard. And the HOA will be sending notices too, once they get back to work.

Time to Unpack!

The last room left to unpack…

I don’t care if you moved a month ago or five years ago, there’s one room you just never got around to unpacking. I moved in September; this is the last room I have yet to unpack. I’ve always been too busy and I never go in there anyway….

A couple of moves ago, I discovered boxes I had NEVER unpacked when I got ready for the movers. I lived in that house 10 years. I guess I didn’t miss anything if I didn’t look for it for a decade.

Time to unpack and find all the goodies you thought you lost!

Clean the Frig*

Time to wipe out those old spills

I took physics for poets to satisfy my science requirement at Yale. (Now I wished I study virology….) So I never did a science experiment until I had my own refrigerator.

The last time I took everything out and gave it a sterile cleaning was when I moved. Time to do it again. Obviously.

*Or stove, pantry, oven, etc.

Organize the Garage


I can proudly say I have vowed to clean my garage every week-end of my adult life.

I can tell you the only time I’ve actually cleaned my garage was the week before I moved when everything had to be out of the garage.

But thank you corona. Because now I’m actually gonna do it! Before the next move! Mirabile dictu!

Seriously, stay safe and healthy, Las Vegas.

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