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Krave Massive will be the largest gay nightclub anywhere

Las Vegas wants to give New York City a run for its money as the hippest gay destination in the USA.  Krave, a gay nightclub that first opened in 2004, is in the lynch pin in that campaign.

Krave is moving from a kind of hidden spot on the Strip to the old Neonopolis movie theaters downtown. (In case you aren’t familiar with Las Vegas geography, the new nightclub sits at the intersection of two storied streets: Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street.) He plans to open the 80,000 square foot club, which he has now called Krave Massive (in case you didn’t know that 80,000 square feet was a lot), on New Year’s Eve.

Of course, this club will not be the only venue catering to the LGBT crowd.  Both Caesars Entertainment, which owns nine properties on the Strip, and MGM Resorts, which operates 10 Strip properties of its own, are both platinum members of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association.

Krave’s owner, a well-known local entrepreneur named Kelly Murphy, also owns Drink & Drag bowling alley. It too is located in Neonopolis.

To date, 35 percent of the bowling alley’s crowd is straight, he estimates. It’s the only bowling alley downtown. Krave Massive will welcome straights, too.

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