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Ladies: An Unusual Way to Enjoy Sunday’s Full Moon

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, eXp Realty

Hark you Las Vegas goddesses: Get moonstruck!

The Las Vegas Strip is the home to amazing magicians. But my favorite magician is Mother Nature herself. And you can enjoy the special, sacred full moon this Sunday night by attending the Full Moon Fire Circle and Drumming event on the shores of Lake Mead.

And what a full moon this will be. Sunday will be the most super moon of the three super moons in 2014. A super moon occurs when the moon’s trajectory is the closest to the earth while also being full. In non-astronomical terms, Sunday’s moon will be the the biggest and brightest full moon this year.

Farmer Freitas' Wife.....The event organizers are building a bonfire. They are inviting women only (men can attend next month) to dance, drum loudly, sing, chant, scream, or whatever works for you to reconnect with nature in our busy, crazy world. The goal is to “absorb the power from Mother Nature and empower the Universe with joy.” Great goals, girlfriends.

Since ancient times people have celebrated in the light of the full moon to harness the moon’s energy and release anything that is no longer serving their higher selves. I once attended a wild lunar celebration on the beach in Tortola. OMG.

The Las Vegas version invites women to bring a drum or tambourine to beat, something to sit on and food to share with everyone. No alcohol; the goal is to get drunk on the spirits not with spirits.

The only cost is the $10 you have to pay for attending the event, organized by Red Tantra. You can sign up on Eventbrite.

The Las Vegas Full Moon Fire Circle starts at 9 pm and goes until 2 am Monday morning.

Here’s how to find the place in Lake Mead National Park in the dark:

  • Drive about 4 miles from the ranger park entrance station.
  • Turn at the sign that says “Hole 30 Scenic View.”
  •  Park in parking lot.
  • Walk the path towards the lake about 150 yards into the wilderness.

You know you’re in the right place when you hear the metal gong.

Hopefully helping you live Las Vegas like a local.


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