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Brits: Get 20% Off A Princely Burger at the Palazzo

By now you had to be in outer space not to have heard about Prince Harry’s “naked romp” at the Wynn.  To honor that event, I Love Burgers at the Palazzo has added a new menu item: “The Exposed Prince.” It’s a Kobe patty with melted aged cheddar cheese, which is then topped with a […]... Read more

Who needs the Louvre when you have the ShoeZeum?

Who says there’s no culture in the world of casinos? Who needs the Louvre when you can visit: The Atomic Testing Museum The Neon Museum The Mob Museum The Erotic Heritage Museum And (drum roll) Las Vegas now has the ShoeZeum, a collection of 2,500 limited edition sneakers. Don’t snicker. The collection is worth over […]... Read more

Night hikes in the Las Vegas Valley

Most people come to Las Vegas for the neon lights. But some come for the stars. You can see plenty of them on night hikes in the Las Vegas valley. Spring Mountain Ranch State Park offers two guided night hikes a month. (They correspond with full moons.) The park is on state route 159 just […]... Read more

Want to get married at Denny’s?

Only in Vegas. And the restaurant will make the wedding cake out of pancakes. Natch. The wedding chapel will be the centerpiece of the new Denny’s at Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas. (For the uninitiatied, Neonop0lis is an entertainment complex located at the intersection of two streets you know: Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street, […]... Read more

Krave Massive will be the largest gay nightclub anywhere

Las Vegas wants to give New York City a run for its money as the hippest gay destination in the USA.  Krave, a gay nightclub that first opened in 2004, is in the lynch pin in that campaign. Krave is moving from a kind of hidden spot on the Strip to the old Neonopolis movie […]... Read more

A delicious way to eat your veggies, Chinese style

My mamma always had to force me to eat my veggies. That’s because veggies in the Mad Men era were tasty and soggy.) But now I can’t stop eating ’em (even though they are not potato chips), thanks to chef/owner Kenny Chye. His restaurant, Veggie House, serves out-of-this-world vegan and vegetarian food Chinese style. Chye […]... Read more

Wish your hair stylist wore lingerie?

They do at Exposed, a new salon at the Plaza. You can’t miss it: the shop’s sign is a curvaceous blonde filling out a neon green bikini. The actual stylists wear black lace stockings and garters and the de regeuer black lace bras and panties. The idea for the salon came from owner Anthony Cools, […]... Read more

Las Vegas’s First Sexy Ice Cream Shop

Leave it to the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. The hip resort just opened Neapolitan (a clever moniker because that’s an ice cream flavor). It’s the city’s first “adult ice cream lounge.” Two distinguishing factors: The servers wear skimpy bikinis. To keep their shoulders warm, they were even skimpier white lab coats. Eye candy to go along […]... Read more

Las Vegas’s “Dive In” Movies

Las Vegas has updated the drive in movie. The BLVD Social Club at the Cosmopolitan features “Dive In” movies. The pool deck at the Cosmopolitan becomes an outdoor movie theater with a screen just like the ones we watched in the 1960s. The pool on the third floor overlooks the Strip, so there’s plenty to […]... Read more

Leonardo da Vinci at the Venetian

You used to have to travel to Italy to see this much Leonardo. Now you just have to visit the Italian resort on the Las Vegas Strip. The Venetian has just opened its new exhibit,  Da Vinci-The Genius. It’s an interactive experience that includes more than 200 unique pieces including 75 life-size machine inventions, three-dimensional […]... Read more