Welcome to Off The Vegas Strip. There is so much going on in Vegas that has nothing to do with the Strip. I am the Las Vegas Real Estate Concierge here to help you live like a local.

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Fly to Vegas and rent a Ferrari

If you want Strip valets and everyone in the cab line to take notice, drive up in a Ferrari. Although you might not have the $200,000 to buy one, you can rent one here in LVNV. Just get off your plane (no one knows if you flew first class or coach) and head to the […]... Read more

Dig this!

Las Vegas is so boring we know you’re looking for something fun to do. So why not play with heavy construction equipment? That’s right, boys and girls. Head out to the Dig This Heavy Equipment Playground. Don a hard hat and neon yellow vest and become king of the construction site. For $249 you can […]... Read more

Test your skills as a fighter pilot

The pilots at Sky Combat Ace certainly disagree with Cole Porter: “Flying too high in the sky with some guy is my idea of nothing to do.” (Anything Goes.) You can get a kick out of flying a fighter jet, a real adrenaline rush. (Just ask Iceman.) Ever been to an airshow? You’ll know exactly […]... Read more

Horses visiting Vegas love their barn concierge

I have competition in the concierge category. Meet Charles Cain, South Point Casino barn concierge. Barn concierge. Who knew? Cain plays host to more than 1,600 horses and their owners every year. When those duallies pull up in the South Point parking lot, Cain’s job is to make sure both the horses and their owners […]... Read more

Visit a Cat House while in Vegas. No, not that kind!

You loved training your dog. How would you like to train (or even just hold) a lion cub? You can when you visit the Lion Habitat Ranch in Henderson. (It’s really called the Cat House Inc. but there are so many of them in Clark County we locals dubbed it the Lion Habitat Ranch to […]... Read more

Ladies: Make a date with a stripper pole

Admit it. You’re read all three 50 Shades of Grey books. You are not ready to join the lifestyle just yet. However, learning how to act sexier is now on your to-do list. Here in Las Vegas there are three studios that offer pole dancing classes: 1. Stripper 101  inside the Miracle Mile Shops at […]... Read more

Soar over the Fremont St. Experience on a Zipline

Hey, it’s not the tree tops of  Jamaica, but how else can you get an aerial view of the glitter and glitz of downtown Las Vegas? For a mere $20, you can hook yourself up to the Fremont Street Experience Zipline and fly over the heads of all those tourists at 60 miles per hour. […]... Read more

The City of Neon Opens the Neon Museum

I’ll bet no city on earth has more neon lights than Las Vegas. Here’s a trick question: where do those lights go when they die? Answer: the Neon Boneyard. On October 27 the Neon Boneyard will become the Neon Museum so you can see the signs up close and personal. The two-acre site on Las […]... Read more

College Classes I Bet YOUR University Doesn’t Have

When I went to college during the Italian Renaissance, it was difficult to select the classes that would be interesting and further my career. It’s gosh darn near impossible at the University of Nevada Las Vegas when these offerings are in the course book: Dance 103: Sex, Dance and Entertainment. This class teaches students the […]... Read more

Brits: Get 20% Off A Princely Burger at the Palazzo

By now you had to be in outer space not to have heard about Prince Harry’s “naked romp” at the Wynn.  To honor that event, I Love Burgers at the Palazzo has added a new menu item: “The Exposed Prince.” It’s a Kobe patty with melted aged cheddar cheese, which is then topped with a […]... Read more