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Six Great Apps About Las Vegas

Apps are all the rage. Here are some helpful ones to enhance your Las Vegas visit:

  1. Las Vegas by Pocket Guide. Make your phone or tablet your tour guide with this app. It’s loaded with interesting information that even locals probably don’t know (like the Plaza Hotel site used to be a railroad depot). It comes complete with maps.
  2. TheList. All the city’s night clubs and day clubs are on the list. The app contains all the current promotions, so if you want to know when it’s ladies night, this is where to check. Guest appearances are also listed, so if you still care about Kim Kardashian, this is the place to see where she will appear next. Hours, directions, prices, even DJ videos- they are all here.
  3. Aria. Actually, all the hotels on the Strip have their own apps, but I like this one because its GPS mapping system allows you to navigate the entire City Center complex, which is complex to figure out. (Trust me on this.) You can make reservations for restaurants and book tickets to shows in City Center.
  4. Rumgr. If you can’t find that hard-to-locate object at home, bring a big suitcase and see if someone in Las Vegas has it! Rumgr is an electronic garage sale. Users simply post photos of their goodies. The GPS lets you know how far you are from the object, a valuable tool if you don’t live in Clark County and don’t know the roads.
  5. Counterless. Do you hate waiting in line in restaurants? You can banish this from your list forever with this app. You can check out the menu and pay for your order online. Then, it will let you know when your food is ready. Local food trucks, now all the rage, participate too.
  6. AllVegasPoker. If you care about the river and we don’t mean the Colorado, this app is for you. It lists all the poker tournaments, including the requisite buy in, and the happenings in each poker room around town. Like some of the other apps, it will tell you which poker room is closest to you. How did we ever live without GPS?
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