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Test your skills as a fighter pilot

The pilots at Sky Combat Ace certainly disagree with Cole Porter: “Flying too high in the sky with some guy is my idea of nothing to do.” (Anything Goes.) You can get a kick out of flying a fighter jet, a real adrenaline rush. (Just ask Iceman.)

Ever been to an airshow? You’ll know exactly what it feels like if you purchase the Afterburner package. You and an experienced acrobatic pilot will spend 25 minutes doing rolls, spins and loops. You also go through an advanced airshow routine doing hammerheads and tail slides.

The Sky Combat Experience gives you the visceral thrills of a fighter pilot. You spend 40 minutes engaging with another airplane in air-to-air combat. This is NOT a simulation. You fly real high-performance airplanes with real fighter pilots. (You know it’s real because the word “Navy” is painted on the plane.) Sky Combat Ace uses a state-of-the-art optical targeting system so you can get instantaneous feedback when you get the kill.

The more romantic can select one of the two biplane tours. You can soar over the Hoover Dam and the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge (IMHO the classiest bridge in America after the Golden Gate) or glide over the Las Vegas Strip. Sky Combat Ace purchased an open biplane ( a Waco YMF-5C) built in 2001 according to the original 1930s specs. Of course, you have to bring your own flying ace scarf.

Afraid of flying? Keep you feet on the ground and get the same rush in Sky Combat Ace’s flight simulator, natch!

Good news for locals: Sky Combat Ace offers 10 percent discounts.

The prices soar, too. They start at $399. This includes a shuttle from your hotel to the Henderson Executive Airport if you are not a local.

To book, call 888.494.5850. Or visit skycombatace.com

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