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The world’s most unusual dining experience is in Las Vegas

Forget dinner and a movie.  Much too boring for Las Vegas. How about dinner and a plane flight in an open cockpit biplane soaring over the Las Vegas Strip?

Chef Kerry Simon, owner of the eponymous restaurant Simon at Palms Place, has partnered with SkyCombatAce to put together a thrilling and tasty evening. The Iron Chef winner first serves a flavorful dinner. My favorites are Manna Simon’s meatloaf, an ethereal version of the American classic, that comes with mashed potatoes and succotash dotted with beef and veal, or the steelhead trout, laced with horseradish creme fraiche and accompanied by fresh corn mixed with bacon greens.

Dessert is a plane flight above the Strip in a Waco YMF-5C biplane. Don’t worry, this aircraft was built in 2001 from the original 1931 plan. (You have to bring your own flying ace scarf, however.) You fly over all the neon at 3,000 feet.

For the record, most people get airsick because they are hung over. So don’t say you weren’t warned.

Bon Appetit!

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BETH Ellyn cooking up solutions

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