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4-Letter Friday: FREE Fun in Las Vegas

Live hard. Ride fast. Eat Pizza.

That’s the tag lie for Evel Pie, a pizzeria in downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street East. It’s called Evel Pie because the managing partner Branden Powers came up with the idea with Kelly Knievel, Evel’s son.

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Travis Pastrama will attempt the Caesars Palace jump Sunday night, says Beth Ellyn Rosenthal

The event that put Evel, born Robert Craig Knievel, on the map was his Caesars Palace fountains attempt in 1967. I remember clearly as he attempted to jump the Fountains on a Triumph motorcycle. He made the jump but lost his balance on the ramp, breaking just about everything. Linda Evans recorded his spectacular fall.

Why the history lesson? Because this Sunday Travis Pastrama, the X games superstar, is attempting the same feat: to jump the fountains on a motorcycle without falling. Pastrama will also try to beat two other of Knievel’s historic jumps:

  • His failed attemptto clear 13 double-decker buses at Wembley Stadium in London. Pastrama will attempt to clear 16 buses.
  • His successful jump over 50 stacked cars at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Pastrama will have to jump about 145 feet in a parabolic curve over 18 cars to set a new record.
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Travis Pastrama will attempt Evil Knieval’s jumps in Las Vegas, says Beth Ellyn Rosenthal

The History channel is broadcasting the jumps live, starting at 5. But you can be there IRL FREE. You can congregate in the large lot behind Planet Hollywood at 3:30 for the first two jumps. The viewing space by the fountains opens at 6 for the last one.

Or, you can watch the event at Evel Pie, also FREE. And the restaurant will be selling a cheese slice and beer for $6, not FREE, but a bargain. Since Pastrana’s nickname is Pastrami, Evel Pie’s chefs have created a special pizza slice called the Travis Pastrami with, you guessed it, pastrami! The fun starts at noon.

The food is delicious. And the decor: a veritible Evil Kneivel museum. Posters, photos, even a vintage 1970s bicycle.

I’m rootin’ for you, Travis!

Have a great week-end, Las Vegas and Henderson.

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