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Bet You Can’t Get This Degree at Your University

We’ve already told you about UNLV’s sex and dancing course. Next spring this august institution of higher learning is adding a new minor in a much more serious subject: drones. Yes, that’s right. You can earn a degree in unmanned aerial vehicles from Nevada’s leading university, which is located just spittin’ distance from the Las Vegas Strip.

Of course, Nevadans do know something about this, since Creech Air Force Base airmen piloted the Predator and Reaper drones in the Middle East. The university itself has already amassed a fleet of unmanned planes and quadcopters, which are tiny helicopters with four propellers. Hey, why sit in a library reading a book when you could be flying these things for credit hours?

The university is betting drones in the civilian world will become big business.  Economic diversification is a great idea, just in case the casinos stop minting money.

P.S. We bet those UNLV engineering profs will just drone on!


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