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Fly to Vegas and rent a Ferrari

If you want Strip valets and everyone in the cab line to take notice, drive up in a Ferrari. Although you might not have the $200,000 to buy one, you can rent one here in LVNV. Just get off your plane (no one knows if you flew first class or coach) and head to the Hertz rental counter at McCarran International Airport. For $1,500 a day, that baby is yours!

Luxury rentals are part of Hertz’s new Dream Car program. In addition to the single Ferrari, there are 21 Porsches, five Cadillac STS-Vs and four Mercedes-Benz E63 AMGs. The Porsche Boxster is the cheapest of the lot at $250 a day. The 911 goes for five Benjamins. The Cadillac and the Benzes rent for $279 per day. (more affordable than the Ferrari!!!)

There’s also a $1.49 per mile fee for every mile you drive after the first 100. So it’s cheaper to fly to Phoenix.

The Hertz people report these cars don’t have many takers during the week. But they are actually difficult to book Thursday through Friday. And if there is a big boxing match or MMA fight scheduled, better book early because these cars fly out of the lot in fifth gear.

Hertz parks these babies just outside the customer doors in the rental garage, so everyone has to walk by them to get to their $25-a-day family car. Hey, it’s fun lookin’!

Hertz is not the only agency in Las Vegas to rent high-end cars. Enterprise also rents a Cadillac CTS and Lincoln MKZ. Avis rents a Hummer H3.

P.S. If you prefer an Aston Martin, you’ll have to fly into LAX. Really!


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