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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday

It will be hard to top last week-end’s NFL Draft. But this is Las Vegas. Mother’s Day. The Kentucky Derby. Sooo much goin’ on!

Fun in Las Vegas can be pricey. But there’s such a deep bench of talent in Las Vegas, there’s always something to do for FREE. It’s my job, dear readers, to suss out those FREE things for you.

Buckle up ’cause here we go!

Culture and Cinema in Concert (Henderson)

A curious combination that WORKS! Drawing: Vegas City Opera

I will be the first to tell you I am NOT an opera fan. I only liked Aida because the opera had elephants. (Not the Elton John one.)

But I love The Godfather, Moonstruck, Casino, Pretty Woman and Up.

Vegas City Opera has taken iconic scenes from these Hollywood classics and then has reimagined them with an operatic twist.

OK, so you had to add some cinematic flavor to opera to make it palatable. Works for me! This sounds super fun.

The show is FREE at the Water Street Plaza Amphitheater. Tomorrow (Saturday) at 7:30.

And who says there isn’t any culture in the land of casinos? (That is a rhetorical question.)

Watch the Kentucky Derby at the Southpoint (South)

I need that handicapping seminar Post: Southpoint Race Book

I know how to bet on football. But horses? I am lost.

That’s why I plan to attend the Handicapping Seminar at the Southpoint tonight at 6. Three of the Race Book’s top handicappers will teach us how to bet on these amazing equine athletes. Because a lot is luck but some is skill.

The seminar is in the Grandview Lounge. FREE.

The Southpoint loves the Kentucky Derby. If you have a wild hat, show up at 1:30 for the Hat Contest. (It starts at 2.) There will be prizes for:

  • Most elegant
  • Best horse-themed
  • Best fascinator (I didn’t know what that was until Princess Diana got married) or fedora
  • Best overall

The party itself is in the Grand Ballroom, whose doors open at nine. The race starts at 11:30.

Did I tell you I actually attended the Kentucky Derby as a guest of Maker’s Mark, a remarkable handmade Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey? It’s like going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. It’s an entire week-end of endless parties.

The race itself, at least in the 1990s, was very Southern and elegant. No one showed up without a hat. You wore your Sunday best.

I can’t describe the electrifying excitement as the race begins. And yes, I got to take some of that Maker’s Mark home.

Hear a Concert in a Skate Park (North)

Skate parks look like so much fun!

Here’s a great formula for fun: A punk rock concert in a Las Vegas skate park. You can multi-task: skate and rock out!

Tomorrow four different punk rock bands:

  • The Psyatics
  • Desert Island Boys
  • Los Emptys
  • Hideaway

will perform from noon until 4.

The concert is at the skatepark at Garehime Heights Park, which is near West Alexander and North Fort Apache Roads.

Even more fun, you can enter a raffle to win a new skateboard!

The raffle is only for kids but the concert is for kids of all ages. And yes, it’s FREE!

P.S. Who would have conceived of a skateboard park venue. So creative.

The show is part of the Concerts in the Park Series offered by the City of Las Vegas.

Mine is 44!

Happy Mother’s Day, all you mothers. As you know, I am CEO of the most important job in the world, mother. I appreciate all you moms do!

Have a great week-end.

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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