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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, eXp Realty

A great, bold, in-your-face cup of coffee is a thing to behold. And Sunday is National Coffee Day. And places are pouring a cuppa FREE! (As you know, my fav-or-ite four-letter word.)

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal eXp Realty

Nothing beats a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee

Here are a few options for that bracing jolt of java:

  • Krispy Kreme. The best deal ever. Not only will you get a FREE cup of just-brewed coffee but also a FREE original glazed donut (their spelling!) too. A two-fer: a sugar high and a caffeine high at no (financial) cost to you! Note: there is always an impossibly long line when Krispy Kreme gives anything away free. But at least you can watch ’em make doughnuts through the window as the line snakes toward Nirvana!


Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, eXp Realty

The ultimate sugar high at Krispy Kreme

  • Dunkin’: You know, the chain that we loved in the 1960s because it fried up sugary sweet confections and proudly said so in it’s name. Dunkin’ is profering a buy one, get one offering. That means you and your bestie get a cup of coffee for half price each. A different kind of twofer.


  • Bruegger’s Bagels. You have to become an Inner Circle member but hey, I’ve never been part of any inner circle, so I’m pumped! Then you get a FREE coffee with any purchase. These people have a dozen flavors of cream cheese, which has to come from Vermont. (Take that, Wisconsin!) I like the old-fashioned regular flavor, but hey, it’s fun to experiment.


  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  The barrista will pour you a FREE 16-ounce coffee (can be hot or cold) as long as you purchase a food item. These folks only use Italian equipment to make coffee. Those Italians invented cappucino, so I’m all in.


Beth Ellyn Rosenthal eXp Realty

Love the design!

  • Pilot Flying J: Hitting the highway today? Have your co-pilot use the app to get a FREE cup of coffee in any size. (You can’t because you’re driving.) These folks usually have the cheapest gas, too. (I always stop on my long slog on I-70 on my drive to Aspen. The coffee is good.)

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Have a great week-end, Las Vegas!

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, eXp Realty

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