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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal eXp Realty Las Vegas Henderson 4-Letter Friday

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away (did we really see shows in February????), Las Vegas was one of the entertainment capitals of the world. The goal of this blog was to share with you, my readers, the kewl things to do in Las Vegas for FREE that only a local like moi would know.

But as we collectively try to outwit those invisible balls with the spikes floating in the air that can kill us, it is difficult to find safe and fun things to do. But your indefatigable guide (that would be me) has some ideas for you.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights

Las Vegas loves our Golden Knights
Las Vegas loves our Golden Knights

It warms my heart to see this desert town where it’s currently 108 degrees take to hockey. I grew up in Chicago. My father had season tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks. I don’t know why he bought them because he loved his Bulls. So in the early 1960s I got to use them. I was the most popular girl in my high school during hockey season.

I’m probably one of the few people in Las Vegas who knows where the crease is (not talking about pants). But I digress.

So far we are still No. 1 in the Pacific Division in these qualifying-round games. Saturday night the VGK are going to beat (I am optimistic) the Colorado Avalanche. They are playing in Edmonton and the borders are closed, but you can watch it on TV on the NHL Network or listen on Fox Sports Las Vegas 98.9 FM.

If you want to spend money, you can watch the game on the ice at the City National Arena, the ice skating complex in Summerlin where the Golden Knights practice. You have to bring your own skates. Only 50 skaters are allowed in. The Arena staff puts out these firm cushions you can sit on when you get tired of skating so you can watch the game.

MacKenzie River Pizza, Grill and Pub on the second floor of the Arena is open but you have to have a reservation. Since I am a scardy-cat, I’d just order their pizza and take it home. I love the place because you can watch the action on the ice rink below. And this eatery bakes some really, really good pizza.

There’s also a game Monday night.

Go Knights Go!

Vegas Good Fellas

Their goal is to sound like “the old Las Vegas”

Who are the Vegas Good Fellas? Local musicians who have performed with Chuck Berry, Reba McEntire and Frank Sinatra.

Yep, they’re old like me but boy can they put on a show. Their goal is to recreate the lounge vibe of old Vegas.

If you are brave, you can head out to the Italian America Club (which still has the Rat Pack vibe). The Vegas Good Fellas are performing in the Lounge Saturday night.

I haven’t been there since the pandemic started, but the Lounge was kind of the overflow dining room until dinner was over. Then it became the kewlest night club in town for seniors.

But you don’t have to qualify for Medicare to love their show… because the music of the Vegas Good Fellas is not limited to Rat Pack standards. They can do some pretty riotous rock and roll. They do Joe Cocker almost as well as…well Joe Cocker. And I love their Doobie Brothers covers.

The lounge show is FREE. Drinks and food are on you.

Show starts at 7. Singing and dancing ends at 11.

The Clay Studio

Since my initials are BE, I want to learn how to make this!

I have a wonderful collection of hand-made bowls I get every year when I attend the Empty Bowl fund raiser. The Catholic Charities organizes the event to help feed the hungry in Clark County.

You get to pick out bowl made by the Potters Guild. Then the church ladies dish out a variety of home-made soups. And can these ladies cook!

The event was cancelled this year. So I will get my pottery fix at The Clay Studio. It’s based in Philadelphia. But its potters have put together how-to tutorials, YouTube style, on its web site.

The series is called “Clay at home.” You gotta love clever.

The best part is you don’t need a wheel or a kiln or any of that special stuff. The tutorials all use ordinary household items. How kewl is that?

P.S. This is something you can have your really bored kids do. One of the tutorials is making a tic-tac-toe clay board.

Visit theclaystudio.org/clay-at-home-tutorials.

Have a fun and safe week-end, Las Vegas!

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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