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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday!


Las Vegas is proud to call itself “The Entertainment Capital of the World.” I lived in Manhattan for four years and yes, Las Vegas does vie for the title. Alas, much of that entertainment is super spendy.

My goal, dear readers, is to suss out the FREE fun in Las Vegas.

The record-breaking 117-degree heat has broken. It broke the three-year-old battery on my 2015 Ford Focus. Fortunately, that’s a problem you can throw money at. Here are some fun things that don’t require any. (Money, not batteries)

Dance the Night Away at Rhythm & Riffs

The up-close-and-personal showroom at Rhythm & Riffs Photo: Mandalay Bay

This lounge was one of my favorite hangouts when I moved to Las Vegas in 2001. The FREE live music starts at 10 on Friday and Saturday nights; the band doesn’t start packing their instruments until 2 am.

What I love about this place is the size. It’s small, tight and cozy. You can see and hear from everywhere. I always felt the band was playing just for me because it’s that intimate.

And the whole point is to get on the dance floor and boogie. The bands select music that gets your feet movin’.

It used to be the home of Nashville Unplugged, one of my favorite FREE shows in Las Vegas pre-pandemic.

Friday night Mission to Rock gets the room rocking. Saturday night its the Patrick Seibien Band.

Only issue: no FREE parking.

Touch $3.1 million (But Don’t Steal It!)

A true story that happened right here in Las Vegas

This new Netflix series is about ordinary people attempting extraordinary heists. The documentary showcases three amazing heists.

The first two episodes are about a true story that happened right here in Las Vegas: Heather Tallchief and Roberto Solis‘s heist to steal $3.1 million from her employer, Loomis Armored Car Company.

The Loomis employees’ job was to refill casino ATMs with cash. On October 1, 1993 her two partners filled the ATMs at Circus Circus. Tallchief, the driver, was supposed to pick them up after they were done with the task.

Instead, she just drove off the the money while they were working.

The two thieves carefully planned their escape and were NEVER caught. Episode 2 describes how the FBI was flummoxed.

The ending: Tallchief grew tired of running with their 10-year-old son and turned herself in at a Las Vegas courthouse in 2005. She spent 63 months in prison and was released on parole in 2010.

Solis and the money are still at large.

Here’s where your fun comes in. The producers of Heist have supposedly put $3.1 million in a bag. Anyone at the Fremont Street Experience can pick up the bag and take a selfie inside a Loomis armored truck.

You can get close to that cash every day this week-end from 2 pm-1 am.

I hope it’s just a check inside there because people today are just as clever. I’m sure Loomis doesn’t want that $3.1 million stolen…again.

Of course, the Netflix crew has lots of competition on Fremont Street with all those almost naked bodies.

Check it out!

Have a great week-end, Las Vegas.

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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