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FREE Fun in Las Vegas: 4-Letter Friday

beth ellyn rosenthal eXp realty las vegas henderson RIPPA Method Best Las Vegas Realtor

Las Vegas entertainment is back! So many shows, so little time (Sorry Miguel Brown.)

But alas, many shows, especially those on the Las Vegas Strip, can be very pricey. It has become my job, faithful readers, to find FREE fun in my favorite city.

This week it’s time for some FREE music.

Would You Like Some Spaghetti with Your Music? (Las Vegas and Henderson)

beth ellyn rosenthal eXp realty las vegas henderson RIPPA Method Best Las Vegas Realtor
Spaghetti and meatballs: my favorite! Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Three Italian restaurants are featuring FREE music this week-end. You don’t have to eat to enjoy the show but it may be difficult considering the seductive smells wafting out of the kitchens.

Don’t think these are second-rate singers who can’t find a job somewhere else. The talent bench in Las Vegas is so deep I guarantee you will be entertained…mightily.

Spaghetto Italian Kitchen in Henderson features Andrew Lee from 6:30-9:30. He calls himself “The Sinatra Guy.” But he croons songs from all decades from Sinatra to Michael Buble.

Kelly Vohnn sings at Prosecco’s Fresh Italian Kitchen in Las Vegas. She sings all kinds of stuff but kills Barbra Streisand.

Nicolas Cole holds down the lounge at the Italian American Club in Las Vegas from 7-11. He too sings the standards. But he does a mean Stevie Wonder and Bruno Mars too.

All these shows are tonight.

Chadwick Johnson at the “Concerts in the Park” Series (Las Vegas)

Chadwick Johnson Photo: Chadwick Johnson

I remember when Johnson first arrived in Las Vegas and sang at Monday’s Dark, the charity show organized by Mark Shunnock.

He has one of the best male jazz voices in Las Vegas. His voice is a cross between melted butter and the softest silk.

He used to be a rodeo guy, a team roper I think. So unlike his kewl performance presence.

Tonight he is the star of the city of Las Vegas’s Concerts in the Park series. These shows are Friday and Saturday nights through December 4. Each concert showcases a different park in the city of Las Vegas, which if you don’t live here, is not the Las Vegas Strip, which is in Clark County NOT Las Vegas. Complicated, I know.

Johnson is performing tonight at Sammy Davis Jr. Festival Plaza in Lorenzi Park. The concert is FREE. Actually I am paying for it through my property taxes. Enjoy!

Bring your own low-backed chair and blankets. But you will have to purchase any food or beverage.

Would You Like to Watch Hair Cuts with Your Music? (Downtown)

Who’s playing at the Field Trip

Downtown Las Vegas and Fergusons Downtown have joined hands to present a FREE outdoor concert series called Field Trip. They happen every so often. But the next one is tonight!

Ten different local bands will perform, starting at 8 at Fergusons Downtown.

But there will be other performances too. Like live hair cutting!

You have to be 18 to attend. And you do have to RSVP, even though everything except the plant-based ice cream is FREE.

Have a fun week-end, Las Vegas.

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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beth ellyn rosenthal eXp realty las vegas henderson RIPPA Method Best Las Vegas Realtor
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