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FREE Fun in Las Vegas This Weekend: 4-Letter Friday

Las Vegas is back to its normal crazy self. We are getting ready for Super Bowl! Valentine’s Day! My 43rd 29th birthday!

Entertainment and food in this global mecca of performance and dining can be quite pricey. That’s why I have taken on the task of finding you fabulous FREE things to do in Las Vegas this weekend.

Buckle up ’cause here we go!

Lick a FREE Frozen Custard (Summerlin)

Concretes-the tasty kind Photo: Nielsen’s Frozen Custard

Today Friday Nielsen’s Frozen Custard is opening a new location near me at the Red Rock Resort’s food court. The first 100 people in line will receive a FREE cone.

But if you miss the cone, no worries. The real treat here is the concretes. The frozen custard in a cup earned its moniker because it has the consistency of freshly poured concrete (without the horrid smell. I am a serial remodeler, so I know.)

You eat these babies with a spoon. You can turn the cup upside down and the custard won’t fall out. A wonderful parlor trick.

The first Nielson’s, a Utah company, opened on Eastern in Henderson. I was there so often I soon displaced more water. The company only uses fresh ingredients and makes the custard on site. And oh, it comes out at 26 degrees so you don’t get that brain freeze headache thing.

My favorite, the lemon concrete, literally makes my lips pucker. I also like the berry ones-blue and rasp. You can mix ’em, which I do.

Take a Romantic Stroll (Henderson)

The Ethel M cactus garden at night Photo: Me

Tonight the Ethel M Chocolates Cactus Garden opens its Lights of Love just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The workers who got hazard pay stringing literally 500,000 twinkling lights on cactii which have thorns as sharp as swords didn’t bother to take them down after Christmas…because Valentine’s Day is around the corner. They did add a new lighted heart. Aw.

It is romantic strolling the three acres of sky-high cactii with the stars echoing the twinkling lights. It’s not too cold here, so a brisk walk at night is not painful like it is in Boston right now.

You do have to pay a massive $1 to enter. That $1 goes to the food bank. Get a receipt and write it off as a charitable deduction. It’s tax time! Every dollar counts!

What’s not FREE is a visit to the factory shop where the bathrooms are located. All the goodies made in the factory next door are there on display. Willy Wonka would have been impressed.

You can conveniently order the orgasmic hand-dipped chocolate strawberries to avoid waiting in line. You’re welcome.

Lights of Love closes February 15. 5-10 pm every night.

Listen to the Singer with a Singing Saxophone (West)

Music at the Speakeasy Photo: Capo’s Italian Steakhouse

I grew up in Chicago in the 1950s. The Al Capone era was not that far away. I remember the mob influence in food, fun and music.

Capo’s Italian Steakhouse & Speakeasy captures that flavor. Owner Nico Santucci also grew up in Chicago, where his family owned Italian restaurants.

I’ve never eaten there (the smells from the kitchen are divine), but I can assure you the Speakeasy is a great spot for live entertainment. Tomorrow night Martin Mancuso performs. He is a singer who plays all varieties of saxophones. I don’t know about you, but I find the tones of the baritone sax have well, sax appeal.

There is no cover in the Speakeasy. He performs from 4-7. A great way to get your Saturday night started.

If You Want to Spend Money: How About a Winter Bikini Contest? (Downtown)

The winter bikini contest at Stadium Swim Photo: Circa Las Vegas

All winter Stadium Swim at Circa Las Vegas hosted Winter Swim, a Vegas-style hot tub party at the year-round heated pool.

Tomorrow from noon to 4 the resort is ratcheting up the winter swimming thing. It’s a $10k Bikini Contest. The resort invited 40 contestants to wear their skimpiest bikinis to win a share of the prize pot.

Admission is $30 plus how can you resist the tastings of High Noon‘s vodka and hard seltzers????

I know you will be disappointed but I was not invited to compete….

Have a great weekend, Las Vegas.

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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