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FREE Fun in Las Vegas This Weekend: 4-Letter Friday

Another weekend in Colorado. Well, it seemed like Colorado since we had snow on Valentine’s Day. Ok, it snowed for 63 minutes and melted instantly…but it was cold!

Fortunately we will be getting back to Las Vegas weather this weekend. That’s important because there are so many kewl (not cool) things to do!

Las Vegas is one of THE entertainment capitals of the world. But that crown comes with a striking cost. So it’s my job, dear readers, to find FREE fun for you each weekend. And there is plenty ’cause this is Vegas!

Buckle up ’cause here we go!

Go on a Date with Your Dog (Henderson)

THE event for dog lovers Photo: City of Henderson

When you have a dog, there’s always something fun to do. Tomorrow Saturday you can spend four hours with your dog and all the other dogs who show up at Bark In The Park 2023 at Cornerstone Park in Henderson.

The cost is FREE for both humans and canines.

This is the 17th year the city of Henderson has hosted the event. The city has put together a pawsitively powerful list of events. They include:

  • HPD K-9 demonstrations
  • A dog agility course
  • Interactive games from humans and dogs
  • A dog splash-and-play area but I’m sure you won’t get arrested if you decide to get wet too

Just think about your Instagram feed! An overdose of cuteness.

My favorite is the K-9 demos. Watching a police dog work is a beautiful thing. You’ll watch the trainers “catch” the dogs on the dog sleeves to teach them how to take down criminals. Do they allow criminals in Henderson? But I digress.

Here are the rules:

  • All dogs must be on a leash
  • All dog handlers must be at least 10-years-old
  • And yes, you have to pick up the poop!

There’s not that much parking at the park, so RC Willey has graciously agreed to let you park in its parking lot. There’s a FREE shuttle service to the park, which is down the block.

All the duck and geese love the lake there, so watch out for the bird poop. (I used to walk Bensley there when I lived nearby.)

If Horses Are Your Thing (South)

Gorgeous cutting horses Photo: South Point Arena & Equestrian Center

I’ve never owned a horse but always wanted one. I think they are such regal creatures.

Cutting horses have a job to do. They have to know how to separate a cow from its herd so the cattle people can do their thing. You know, you watch Yellowstone and its thousands of spin offs, so you know a cowboy’s job description.

You can watch America’s best cutting horses do their thing this weekend at the South Point Arena, the site of “The Mane Event X.” (I love puns.) Its slogan is just as clever: “The MCGA-Making Cutting Great Again.”

This is a cutting horse competition. The National Cutting Horse Association is hosting four shows weekend. All FREE.

The show is a mane event because those manes fly in the wind as those horses get racing. Watching them swerve and turn at high speeds is simply magical.

The prize money has skyrocketed for the 10th anniversary competition.

Start Your Christmas Shopping (Early) Henderson

An unique crafts fair Drawing: The District

The Makers Hive Market is a FREE pop-up event. Local artisans showcase their wares. Most of the objects are one-of-a-kind.

Kids and canines are both welcome. There will be crafts stations for the Kinder. Your dog is tired out ’cause you went to Bark In The Park, so is doesn’t need any more stimulation.

I love attending these crafts fairs because the items are so inventive. I know it’s hard not to spend money but you can just view the trip like you’re visiting an art museum.

These items are my favorite Christmas gifts. First, you know they don’t have one. Second, they will never know how much you spent for the gift. Win-win!

Can You Win the Malassada Eating Contest? (South)

You can save money by not eating anything this weekend so you can compete in the Malassada Eating Contest at Island Sushi & Grill. It’s this Tuesday; for competitors it will really be a Fat Tuesday.

Malassadas are fried doughnuts flavored with lemon zest and coated with sugar and cinnamon. They are originally from Portugal but are a state treasure in Hawaii.

Island Sushi & Grill bakes these babies daily.

The winner will have to consume the most malassadas in two minutes.

Every participant gets a FREE T-shirt. The winner receives one dozen FREE malassadas a month for a year. And oh, your name gets emblazoned on a plaque too.

You do have to pay $10 to enter the contest. But you will certainly be eating more than $10 worth of malassadas.

Have a great weekend, Las Vegas.

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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