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FREE Fun in Las Vegas:4-Letter Friday


Many of the magnificent (and expensive) shows on the Las Vegas Strip have been canceled this week-end because of that omicron thingy. Seems performers and backstage staff are sick.

Still, there is plenty going on. This is Vegas!!!!

My job is to find you, faithful readers, FREE things to do in this fun-crazed town.

Buckle up ’cause here we go!

Watch our Raiders (HOPEFULLY) Win (Everywhere)

These poodles love the food there too

The nation is excitedly staring down the NFL playoffs. This Sunday we will know if our new Las Vegas Raiders will be a part of those shenanigans. It would be wild if that happened. It would just like our Vegas Golden Knights losing the Stanley Cup in their first season in the last 2 minutes.

Kick off for this high-stakes game is at 5:30. Stop in at any restaurant or bar in Las Vegas and scream until your vocal chords hurt at every Raiders touchdown.

I vote for Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar in Downtown Summerlin. Why? Because you can bring your dog with you if it’s on a leash and can behave. (no barking or growling.) It’s the perfect place for a double date!

When you arrive, the server brings you a tall glass of water AND a water bowl for your dog. The restaurant even has a separate menu for the dogs.

On the human side of things, any of you old enough to remember TV dinners? Well, this place has resurrected them! Only these aren’t frozen and reheated. The restaurant makes these fresh.

Oh yes, it’s a sport bar too with tons of TVs.

The food isn’t FREE, of course. But you can sit on the heated patio with your pooch and enjoy the game.

Hear Great Music at Clark County Library (East)

Here Bohemian Rhapsody on brass instruments only. Wow!

Shh! One of the best kept secrets in Las Vegas is the FREE concerts at the Clark County Libraries. The theaters at the Summerlin and Clark County facilities are top quality.

This is a group of five brass players-two trumpets, a French horn, a trombone and a bass trombone-who cheekily play all genres of music.

Sunday’s concert includes Queen‘s “Bohemian Rhapsody” as well as a Scott Joplin song. Throw in some Broadway show tunes to round out the mix.

So what is a Pentagogical Brass? It’s a pun! There are five of them so that’s a penta. But all of them are Clark County music teachers, so they are pedagogical. They change peda to penta. Ha! Ha! The word is actually a portmanteau, but I digress.

The concert is Sunday at 2 at the Clark County Library Auditorium on Flamingo.

Dance the Night Away (Downtown)

The party is FREE until 11

Discopussy is a Las Vegas dance club. It’s on Fremont Street in a 6,500-square-foot warehouse. It describes its sound system as “obnoxious.” They only play house and techno music.

What’s kewl about Discopussy is its Disco-Octopus. It’s a neon light, an eight-tentacled thing that moves across the ceiling of the club. It has 5,000 light-emitting diodes. Trippy!

Saturday night the club is premiering a late-night dance party called “To the Moon.” Mary Droppinz, DJ Shaun and Phoenixx will keep your feet movin’.

The dance floor opens at 10 and closes at 3 am. Tickets are $13 and include on well drink…but if you are there before 11, you get in FREE!

You do have to sign up for the guest list. Here is the link:


Have a great week-end, Las Vegas!

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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