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The Silverton Las Vegas Zumbathon

Nothing is more heart breaking than having to go to school without the necessary school supplies…because mom (or mom and dad) couldn’t afford to buy them.


The Las Vegas Zumba community is going to do something about this tomorrow night. A dozen of the most flamboyant and fun Zumba teachers from 24 Hour Fitness  are leading a four-hour Zumba extravaganza at the Silverton Casino. The price of admission: five school supplies for elementary or junior high students.


Enrique, Jaqueline Andrea, Rawlins, Tandi, Jasmine and  Dr. Ted are just a few of the 12  teachers contributing their time to show the crowd their moves.

Dr. Teddy Sims

Dr. Teddy Sims


Bensley at Enrique's Zumba class

Bensley at Enrique’s Zumba class

Bring your children! See your former Las Vegas Zumba favs! Megan is coming in from Idaho and Mary from Texas to teach the too-young-to-drive crowd how to get their Zumba on.


The event is at the Veil Pavilion. Doors open at 5. The hip shakin’ starts at 6 and goes until 10.

How to live life like a local!

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