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Visit a Cat House while in Vegas. No, not that kind!

You loved training your dog. How would you like to train (or even just hold) a lion cub?

You can when you visit the Lion Habitat Ranch in Henderson. (It’s really called the Cat House Inc. but there are so many of them in Clark County we locals dubbed it the Lion Habitat Ranch to distinguish between the two kinds of establishments.)

You can take a tour of the facility for $20. You can pay $200 and actually hold one of the newborn cubs for five minutes. You can pay $800 to become a trainer for the day. This includes feeding and bathing the lions. It seems they should be paying you for that, but  no one asked me.

There’s also a “feast with the beast” package where you can enjoy lunch or dinner in an enclosure surrounded by the lions. I guess the protective fences make sure the beasts aren’t feeding on you.

Owner Keith Evans, who has been working with lions for 20 years, hopes to expand the facility to include a safari park and petting zoo.

Evans trekked two or three of his cats to the MGM Lion Habitat every day until it closed last year.

The Lion Habitat Ranch is located at 382 E. Bruner Drive in Henderson. Its Web site is www.lionhabitatranch.com

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